NSP Teacher’s Pet

NSP Teacher’s Pet


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NSP Teacher’s Pet

The Teacher’s Pet is built-to-teach

This range of boards is designed by some of the best surf instructors from around the globe. These shapes are designed specifically for first-time surfers to shorten the learning curve.

NSP Teacher’s Pet Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
7’0″ 22  ¹/²” 3 ¹/⁴” 66 L 5.39kg
8’4″ 23  ¹/²” 3 ³/⁴” 93 L 7.07kg
10’0″ 24  ¹/²” 3 ¹/²” 123 L 11.20kg


A smooth constant rocker with a flipped nose and tail rockers make this board paddle easy and the extra nose lift makes taking the drop easier than most boards. (no more nose diving or tail stalls). A “Learn-to-Surf” setup with its positioning marks for paddling, hand placement, and ultimately foot placement is designed to take the guesswork and bad habits out of the learning process

NSP Teacher’s Pet Construction

NSP Teacher's Pet Construction

  • PE deck and rail
  • Learn to Surf teaching guides for easy hand placement
  • Ridges on the tail for easy learning and foot positions
  • CNC-cut and hand-finished EPS core with integrated fiberglass-reinforced bamboo stringers
  • Bamboo stringers: 7’0 (2) / 8’4 (3) / 10’0 (4)
  • PE slick bottom
  • Extra strong nose and tail reinforcement on 10’0
  • Bottom handle on all boards
  • Bolt-through thrust fin for added durability
Included Accessories
3x Bolt-through fins


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