Channel Islands Average Joe

Channel Islands Average Joe

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Channel Islands Average Joe

Channel Islands Average Joe was named “2014 SURFBOARD OF THE YEAR” by the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association!

For more interesting shortboard shapes, check out our shortboard overview here or scroll to the bottom of this page.

Sometimes we want something simple, fun, and easy to ride. This board has a light single concave for the first 1/3 to deepening concave vee throughout and can be surfed off the rail or tail. Full rails keep high volume in a short outline. Increase wave count, and make more sections. The Average Joe is geared toward the things that make surfing fun.

Channel Islands Average Joe Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume
5’3″ 20.9″ 2.4″ 29.6 L
5’5″ 21.4″ 2.5″ 33.0 L
5’7″ 21.9″ 2.6″ 36.5 L
5’9″ 22.3″ 2.8″ 39.8 L
5’11” 22.4″ 2.9″ 43.3 L
6’1″ 22.9″ 2.9″ 47.5 L


Channel Islands Average Joe Construction

1. Fused Cell EPS Core // Closed cell EPS core provides more response + flotation
2. GreenPoxy® Resin // The latest innovations in bio-based Epoxy chemistry
3. 2x Layers Fiberglass // E-glass has the highest strength to weight ratio available
4. Micro-Sandwich Veneer // Wood Veneer creates natural flex + adds break strength
5. Composite T-Stringer(s)// T-Stringers add power distribution + adds break strength
6. Carbon Stringer (*on select models) // Distributes power + protects from dings + adds break strength
7. Carbon Tail Patches (*on select models) // Distributes power + protects from dings + adds break strength
8. Reinforced Rails // Fiberglass reinforced rails enhance performance + durability
9. Exclusive Sandwich Technology // Surftech Tuflite boards are molded with exclusive methods

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