NSP Pro-9 Elements

NSP Pro-9 Elements


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NSP Pro-9 Elements

The NSP Pro-9 Elements is designed by Carl Schaper as a performance longboard, and it is the most high-performance longboard in the NSP lineup.

NSP Pro-9 Elements Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
9’1″ 22″ 2 ³/⁴” 62.9 L 6.16kg

Bottom: Soft roll to mid-V to V to double concave

Rider: Intermediate – pro

Wave Type: All conditions

Pro-9 shape

The NSP Pro-9 Elements is a longboard with as much shortboard crammed into it as possible. Carl Schaper will often point out the back-third of the board, as it fits almost perfectly on his 6’2” step up, with the same thickness, tail dimensions, and rails. The bottom has a soft roll to V in the middle, running into V with a double concave in the tail.

With several years of development, the latest and greatest tweak to the Pro-9 is in its nose-riding capability.

NSP Pro-9 Elements fin set-up

The Pro-9 comes in a 4+1 fin configuration enabling you to be creative in your setup as a quad, thruster, or single fin. NSP placed the Surf 10 fin box slightly further back, creating an ideal configuration for a thruster setup. The board comes with FTU fin boxes, making it compatible with Futures® Fins. Right out of the box, the Pro-9 Elements comes with a 2+1 set – a 9″ Nylon center fin and two MFC-designed side bites.

NSP Pro-9 Elements Construction

Consider the CSE-version of the Pro-9 the most performance-oriented version with carbon elements and a 6mm wood stringer. The Nature Flex version comes without carbon elements and is considered the more eco-friendly version of the Pro-9, while the Elements version of the Pro-9 features the most durable construction in the lineup with wide, fiberglass stringers and our precise- and ultra-durable Elements molding technology.

2024 Elements Construction

  • Exclusive molding technology delivers highly accurate shape reproduction with dynamic flex characteristics
  • EPS SecureCell core is wrapped in lightweight fiberglass and molded, creating a durable shell
  • Great performance shapes at attractive prices
  • The amazing blend of construction features eco-friendly bio-resin, a game-changer in its category
  • All Elements boards come with wide fiberglass stringers for additional strength
  • The Pro-9 Elements is available in two designs
  • Added benefit of the Elements line-up is the additional fin cluster, allowing you to experiment with quad, thruster, or regular single fin setup

Who the Pro-9 Elements is for

This is a low-volume, high-performance, and durable longboard. Built-in NSP’s Elements Technology consists of an EPS SecureCell core, wrapped in lightweight fiberglass. This molded, durable shell allows for highly accurate shape reproduction with dynamic flex characteristics that high-performance riders love.

The consistent feedback is that this board comes together in the more powerful swell, where bigger riders like to roam and use their strength and weight to full effect. Think serious speed from a longboard.

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