Yater Classic

Yater Classic


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Yater Classic

The legendary shaper and pioneer of the industry – Renny Yater, designed these templates in the mid-70’s in order to accompany his high-performance single fin of the era – ‘The Pocket Rocket.’

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The upright profile, combined with the full foil and minimal flex creates this aesthetically pleasing, performance-driven, and trustworthy fin. A design that has stood the test of time, these templates have become quite versatile and perform well in a wide spectrum of equipment… retro single fins, longboards that have a pulled in tail, mid-lengths and most definitely 2+1’s.

Perfect for single-fin longboards

The Yater Classic comes in smaller sizes, but we currently prefer to stock the larger sizes only as it makes a perfect log fin, and we recommend trying these on your favourite single-fin boards.

Screw and washer included.

Why should you use a single fin on your longboard?

Single fins are ideal for their ability to glide well, turn well, and allow you to noseride as well. Plus, with a single fin, you have less drag and more stability when planning than other setups, which is an advantage in most longboarding conditions.

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