NSP Elements Sleep Walker

NSP Elements Sleep Walker


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NSP Elements Sleep Walker

The Elements Sleep Walker Longboard, shaped by Tully St. John is an awesome allround, classic single-fin longboard. This shape has been road-tested and scrutinized by the world’s best longboarders all the way through to everyday surfers and by those just starting out to create a formula that works for everyone. Add in the resilient Elements HDT construction and you have one of the best and most durable longboards on the market.

The Sleep Walker allows long hang tens and paddles into waves very easily. In addition, the Elements Sleep Walker delivers allround flow and turnability. This is a great addition to anyone’s quiver.

Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
9’4″ 23 ¹/⁴” 3″ 78.1 L 6.32kg
9’6″ 23 ¹/²” 3 ¹/⁸” 83.7 L 6.50kg
9’8″ 23 ³/⁴” 3 ¹/⁸” 85.8 L 6.79kg
10′ 24″ 3″ 93.4 L 7.11kg


• Deep entry concave
• Forgiving rails make it easy to nose ride, turn and not catch
• Good thickness through midsection to easily paddle into waves
• Large nose area for hanging ten
• Medium rocker line so the board doesn’t nose dive and allows for
great maneuverability

Fin setup of the Elements Sleep Walker:

All Sleep Walker boards are set-up with a Surf 10 center fin box and supplied with a 10” center fin.

Alternative construction:

Check out the PU version of the Sleep Walker for a more vintage feel



Durability, value, and performance – the go-to board for any recreational surfer.

  • Exclusive HDT molding technology delivers highly accurate shape reproduction with dynamic flex characteristics.
  • EPS SecureCell core is wrapped in lightweight fiberglass and molded creating a durable shell.
  • Eco-friendly bio-resin is a game-changer.
Included Accessories
Nylon 10" fin

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