NSP Board Socks

NSP Board Socks


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NSP Board Socks

The board sock is the most lightweight board protection option we have on sale. A board sock mainly serves to protect your board from scratches, sun damage, and minor dings. So if your board(s) never ride on top of the car and they don’t get too much sun exposure then these are a great option!

If you are looking for board bags to travel extensively with, do check out our travel bags!


  • Lightweight, stretchy and soft material adapts to the shape of your board
  • Extra protection for the nose, as this is usually the most vulnerable part of the board.
  • Available in 8 sizes and two different shapes for both longboards, mid-length and shortboards:

Why use a board sock?

Well usually, the more high-performance your board is, the more fragile it is as well. Anyone who regularly drives their equipment to the beach knows. Being able to load your board in the back of your car is a luxury, but a board sock makes all the difference. It’s also a great way to separate the board and its wax, sand and wet traction/leash from the rest of your interior.

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