NSP Allrounder LT


NSP Allrounder LT

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NSP Allrounder LT

Ditch the roof racks today and score some paddle strokes on the fly. This go-anywhere inflatable is something else. Inspired by one of our most popular shapes, the Allrounder LT is perfect for cruising, touring, exploring, and traveling with a SUP.

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O² Allrounder LT Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
9’8″ 31″ 6″ 277 L 8.1kg (total weight 14.35kg)
10’6″ 32″ 6″ 310 L 8.6kg (total weight 14.85kg)
11’6″ 33″ 6″ 345 L 9.8kg (total weight 16.05kg)
12’6″ 32″ 6″ 363 L 9.5kg (total weight 15.75kg)


Ready out of the box!

Do not get burdened with additional costs for a leash, a paddle, or even a fin. The complete NSP Allrounder LT comes with all the goodies you need to get out on the water and start paddling:

  • A Coiled leash
  • The deluxe backpack for easy transportation and protection
  • A 3-piece adjustable alloy paddle
  • A double-action Pump

The Allrounder LT is a one-stop solution for traveling paddlers.


The NSP Allrounder LT comes with a 9″ center fin, along with the other accessories.



  • Lightweight single-layer construction
  • Double-layer rail construction
  • 6″ Drop stitch
  • Thermoformed EVA deck pad and thermoformed square grooved tail pad
  • 4-point cargo straps on the nose
  • Neoprene carry handle
  • Recommended pressure 15 – 18 PSI
  • D-rings on the nose and tail
Included Accessories
NSP Coil leash
3-piece adjustable alloy paddle
Double action pump


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